Evolution Pokemon GO Guide

Games get easier to understand English because I did not want to spoil the game directory in orjinalitesini frankly I prepared using English terms


Pokemon games we know from the ordinary when we want to develop the Pokemon To Give evolution we see that it has a slightly different system. Even with a different concept that we are not accustomed to showing the power of a CPU that Pokemon Combat Point.

Candies (sugar) and strengthen the Pokemon Stardust will evolve even when the time comes.

Let’s go through the live picture;

We can develop and caught 10 Combat Point’lik Doduo which can strengthen the development.

Stardust and we will need to Candy items. As it is seen in the picture and will need 3 200 Stardust Particle Candy Doduo.

So where do we find these items?

When you catch the first Pokemon that species Candy you 3 gives, if you want to save more if you send 2 Doduo the professor that captures you will receive candy 1 in return it turns evolve after the last level and not developed.

possible to strengthen the development of Pokémon. Simply click Power up to collect the necessary items.

Tip 1: as you can then evolve UP Power make you makes you stronger Pokemonu.

İpucu2 Candy Catch Pokemon to collect the same type and send to the professor. You win Candor


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