Pokémon Go What is it?


In 1996, the whole world ravaged Pokémon craze of lost since its popularity in our country 96 even if the judge severely the market around the world and in Turkey with the Nintendo brand is demonstrating a variety of games including it. protecting effect worldwide, and each year new cartoon season with ongoing for some of Pokémon “These products Why Nintendo” The only thing one neither comes to the computer in hand we can do another platform to buy nintendo tool and only one way to play, “he was complaining . But he could not do in 2015 in September, Nintendo nobody and will combine the virtual world with the real world and its iOS and bring the android operating system will bring everyone’s heart to his mouth, he made an excellent move by displaying an attitude. Pokemon Go announced.

So what is this Pokemon Go?

Massively multiplayer online platform. While watching the cartoon I ever wish the real world, though I wish I go to another planet or we catch these creatures, though, and said if such a world, your reality? That’s according to a statement made in any month of September 2016 (the beginning of the end may be) will come and will come to the phone using just announced iOS and android operating system.

We have to keep your expectations too high but I can say it was a great idea. Maybe Pokemon who knows our world had already exist but we are only using a special technology we recently come to consistency yakalayabilicek see Pokemon different sizes (Pokemon Size) experienced all important developments will transfer here.

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