GYM and Team

Pokémon GO also possible to see colored towers

These are referred to as Pokémon and GYM s teams (team) have relations with many.

Pokemon GYM consists of places like pokestops real time.

Pokémon in your hand and you will spend GYM emerges as the place to fight. There are 3 different teams in the game, you choose your team taking over GYM. If you see GYM already been seized by someone from your team you can not attack there.

You can not select up to Level 5 team.

After the end of level 5 you can start to GYM war. But being first you have to select a team to do it. Professor Willow says that you need to join the team in game one of the 3 units 3 one team; Yellow, Blue, Red team consists of.
yellow Team

relying on their instincts reminiscent team argues that electricity will never lose it. Emblem Zapdos
blue Team

Team leader Mystic Blanche Pokemon is working on evolution and says it will never losing team logo Articuno

red Team

Team Valor, which Candela is more important than education and consider it absolute power. Logo: Legendary Moltres

But we must say that no effect of the team for the moment you can choose whatever you like which one goes.

Participation GYM

GYM Mechanics operates as follows. To join a team allows you to put a Pokemon gym is empty around you. Once the pokemon you need to put it there after teamwork. one that can bring your team of Pokemon with you. But the one who attacked the opposing team to gain prestige within GYM reduce the possibility of Pokemon you put your score Note that you can not get back until vardır.Side renewed there.
GYM has high prestige points are strong. Other teams it is difficult to seize GYM good. Prestige equivalent level in 2000. if GYM level 3 (6000 prestige), there may have only 3 pokemon mirror. You can train your Pokemon in the GYM s.

mAlArlA battle with the enemy team in the gym Training is the same. You can only use 1 pokemon. You beat the pokemon in another gym for your own team returns as you exp and prestige. Remember; Pokémon it injures someone while defending the gym from your team. GYM raise your level your players will not help raise your level Pokemon.

GYM defend Defender gives a so-called bonus points. You can collect a bonus every 20 hours. this bonus; pokecoins and comes as Stardust.

Overcoming GYM

If a GYM is controlled by another team, you can use it to challenge the war pokemonunuzu okuyabilirsiniz.6 grain. GYM beat lowers the prestige points. If there are excreted from the player’s team defending GYM Prestige points if enough fall gym and now you can get right in that gym.

GYM beat white appearance is due to a case of ROD. If you owned before you can get any gym will appear again in the same way so empty without direct war.


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