How internet package is spent Pokémon GO?


We announced Pokémon go at the game and we know that many of these games will be played on the internet as it estimated how much the internet is spent. we primarily use existing internet package is enough for us how we need to account for that. While some people do not spend even a month 1GB internet package is not enough, some can even 6GB me to say.

So as a result it was gerekmektedir.kal comment, taking into account also the day that most people now use the internet packages under a second access to the Internet manually.

So just how much will be spent Pokémon GO internet?
If we set aside all these things together just to see how he will spend Pokemon GO it does not actually reach gigabytes figures as afraid of you.

As a result of the tests we did, and we consider ordinary played a pokemon go more than 1GB of total spending, we believe that even the internet package.

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