Is that person you were special maps in general?


We’re getting a ton of questions from you, a few of the maps person Is private or public in general you will be the question of a great platform after opening is ready and game staff of 30 people from the questions that will be waiting for us to answer all of them.

I explain the problem itself primarily to those who understand the logic of this problem. Diablo III and so on. Who recognize the play style of the game box system. It would have the right to make an explanation as to recognize.

The first things you win a game when you get an “A” while your teammate playing on the same map “A” item instead of “B” in the fall my item.

So you can see a Pikachu on the phone while having someone else there charizard. The reason why people ask this question, I wonder “Is that a fight broke out in Turkey?” It is based on the question. Map matter that everyone has their own special Pokemon fight my predicament.
But let’s turn to answer questions after announcing.

Nintendo, Pokemon go to the company a clear opening end of the job, as always, was to bring about an issue that was left open.

But if we give an answer to the question that asked information as we go on Pokemon’s team in the following way;

The map will be open to everyone. While a Pokemon you, someone else will see the same place at the same Pokemon. So will the Pokemon gone before. Competitive environment will occur.

But we will transfer the following updates on the details but not the certainty about the issue as we have.

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