Poke Radar APK v1.6

Poke Radar% original and 100 employees, it is a radar application that shows the location of the Pokémon found by other users.

Moreover really easy to use this application. Friends nearby, the application shows the location of other persons or discovered by your Pokemon. These places often seen this Pokemon types and rates of rise in these regions is high.

You can also search through the application of a fixed type Pokemon in the filtering feature you are looking for a specific Pokemon.

If your area has recently been introduced this practice in your area you may not find any space pokemon you caught a Pokemon, but if you check in, you can help to other users.

In particular pokemon can be positive or negative vote by other users. If a large number of negative votes received or if this region is deleted automatically receive a positive vote by a lot of people confirmed in the hard way.

Poke Radar APK
After downloading the APK file from the given link Poke Radar can install the application from the directory that you simply download and use.

NOTE: If you want to use the application from the computer, you can use the link http://www.pokeradar.io/  here.

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