Pokeball and development blocks will be paid me?


Yes curiously when we want to catch pokemon one expected a lot of questions that we will use to improve the Pokemon or when we want to evolve from the stone will have to pay me real money?

Pokémon Go team as we consider these questions in people’s minds, and we thought it be imagined as follows:
(Overlooking the picture to read the article because we are supposed to remove the picture from the exact toll poketop)

the essence of the high prices do not anticipate this much.

that is, initially started with a couple of balls and poke a few details that I added you explain people’s accounts.

On the right as you navigate on the map in real Pokemon game left we could find in other things as we found pokeball. We believe in our bulabiliceği poketopları time you visit this official were not disclosed, but certainly will be the only map that is certainly not the pokemon stuff besides.

But poketop 1 to 1 dollar like the picture that we do not think they would want 3 pounds if we can speak of the price for Turkey. the exact toll will not even poke the ball clear.

This is a bit of an exaggeration picture. But of course we will see in-game items will be sold with the money will be inevitable.

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