Pokemon GO item guide


Purchasable items:
Pokemon are sold for real money cash games under the name Pokecoins GO Store.
Poke Balls:
Pokemon is a main item for GO players. used to catch Pokemon. Initially, you have to poke the ball 50 grain. You can earn jumping pokestop levels, as well as 20, 100, 200 can buy by spending Pokecoins poke the ball.
Since it has been actively aim to discover hidden Pokémon surrounding this potion for 30 minutes. Stored Pokemon is calling tool. Where you sit without traversing path Pokemon come to you. Initially, you’ll have 2 units Incense. 1,8,25 like can be purchased in packs through the pokeco merchants.

Egg Incubator:
Pokemon egg cracked through the new pokemon are the tools you use to help out. You can be found by visiting Pokestop. When the eggs put this tool you need to walk to get out of the way of Pokemon GPS system will show you. Some initially only 1 Egg Incubator eggs sold in verilir.mağaza tools deteriorate after 3 uses.

Lucky Eggs:
Pokemon is an item to be confused with the eggs. 2 solid experience for every transaction you make within 30 minutes from when it is activated (exp) you earn points. There are 1.8 or 25 like pieces in the store can be purchased with pokecoins.
Lure Module:
Incens is a more sophisticated version. as well as against all the players appear to be more effective in pokestop. 1 or 8 of them sold at pokecoins.

Your bag is where you move your belongings. Pokeball and similar items are located here. Your bag can carry 350 different items. Camera and Incubator it is included. You must update your suitcase open 50 more locations with each update.

Pokemon Storage:
Turkish is pokemon storage. Pokemon is a place where you store about. Initially, your pokemon has 250 storage location and place one egg storage 9. When you provide any update increases 50.
Items can be collected:

Buy every item in the game it can not be gained from a place called most pokestop. Here’s what you can find.

After the war GYM used to increase the life of your soul if pokemonu reduced.

Potion – 20 HP New
Super Potion – 50 HP New
Hyper Potion – 200 HP New
Razz Berry
before throwing the ball to poke it if you capture wild Pokemon it is easier.

which can not be defeated, even though the war is a drug for Pokemon. When used with a maximum life reborn.

When you transfer or capture Pokemon candy that type of income. The material that is used to evolve or güçlentir on.

Pokemon evolve and is one of the materials needed to strengthen. GYM defense, etc. catch pokemon. It acquired in the transaction.

It is used automatically given to you to take a picture of this item Pokemon.

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