Pokemon GO Move List

which it can be called out of the Pokemon attacks and abilities. 2 Property Type Attacks are found.

Charge Move: Fast attack more damage than is required for use with Stamina, but likely to be somewhat slower.

Fast Move: Move Charge is based less damage, but when used Stamina regenerates.

(This list will be updated continuously, it will gain the upper hand in the battle for new features.)
Move Type Category Description
It can absorb serves suction attacks. Half of the damage to that provides up against

recovery. Grass Charge
Hard Acid makes an acid attack. Poison Charge / Fast
Aerial Ace Speed slash by surprise and throws. Flying Charge
Air Cutter throws removing a vent hose. Critical hit probability rises. Flying Charge
While airborne, the Slash makes a knife attack. Flying Charge
Ancient Power Prehistoric makes an attack. Rock Charge
Aqua Jet quickly thrown into destination. It becomes almost invincible. Water Charge
It makes Aqua Tail Tail attack. Water Charge
Bite bite his opponent with powerful teeth. Dark Charge / Fast
Blizzard brings a howling storm. Ice Charge
Body Slam whole body weight of about attacks. Normal Charge
Bone Club bony attacks. Ground Charge
Brick Breaker quickly tries to break his opponents. Fighting Charge
The opponent can Bruna hits more is less than half. Water Charge
Bubble hit Sudan removing bubbles Water Fast
Bubble bubble Beam makes a strong attack. Water Charge
Bug Bite Bug Bite. Today Charge / Fast
Bug Buzz buzz of insects emit vibrations .. Bug Charge
Bulldozer Prehistoric makes an attack from Pokemon hand stuck to the ground with all the power. Ground Charge
Bullet Punch strike as fast as a bullet. Steel Charge / Fast
Confusion emits a weak telekinetic wave. Psychic Fast
Cross Chop is likely to hit doubly critical. Fighting Charge
Cutler throws his hand cut off. Normal Charge / Fast
Cross Poison scratched her hand is higher than the opponent by throwing poisoned critical prospect. Poison Charge
Dark Pulse hits with dark thoughts. Dark Charge
Dazzling Gleam makes a powerful flash explosion. Fairy Charge
Dig Location branches and Taking attacks. Ground Charge
Discharge makes an impressive electric attack. Electric Charge
Disarming hits subtracting Voice impressive weeping sound. Fairy Charge
Double Double Slap slap. Normal Charge
Dragon Breath Dragon’s Breath will remove the storm. Dragon Charge / Fast
Dragon Claw throws a big scratches. Dragon Charge
Dragon Pulse sends shock waves. Dragon Charge
Draining Kiss hit the target as can absorb as much as half of the self. Fairy Charge
Drill as Drill Peck attack. Flying Charge
Run like Drill Drill attacks. Ground Charge
Earthquake Earthquake creates. Ground Charge
Assigns Ember fires small. Fire Charge / Fast
Feint Attack sends Bloopers. Dark Fast
Fire Blast Fire Blast is sending. Fire Charge
Fire Fang snapped using fire. Fire Fast
Fire Punch punches using fire. Fire Charge
Fire Burst Fire throws. Fire Charge
Fire Charge Anywhere is covered with fire. Fire Charge
Flame Wheel is loaded with fire and threw a cloak opponent. Fire Charge
Flamethrower throws an installed fire wave. Fire Charge
Flash Cannon White emit an energy wave. Steele Charge
Frost Breath throws it into the goal of pulling all cooled down. Ice Charge / Fast
Fury Cutter Bug perform as fast attack Charge / Fast
Giga Drain gets his life as half of the attack. Grass Charge
Gunk Shot on target throws. Poison Charge
Direct goal headbutt attack. Normal Charge
Heart Stamp unleashes a vicious blow. Psychic Charge
Heat Wave sends waves around the fire. Fire Charge
Horn Attack Horn Attack. Normal Charge
Hurrian fly by air strikes effectively. Flying Charge
Hydro Pump wave of high water. Water Charge
Hyper Beam powerful beam wave. Normal Charge
Hyper Fang bite too hard on the teeth. Normal Charge
Ice Beam ice cold wave. Ice Charge
Ice Ice Punch from Punch. Ice Charge
Icy Wind Ice Ice Hose Charge
Ice Shard attack for ice cream. Ice Charge / Fast
Iron Head Head the hardening makes faces assault Steel head Charge
Karate Chop powerful way to attack is likely critical. Fighting Charge / Fast
Leaf threw petals like the Blade knife is likely critical. Grass Charge
Lick lick the target language and causes damage. Ghost Charge / Fast
Low Kick your opponent throws a powerful kick that led to the fall. Fighting Charge / Fast
Lower Sweeper opponent’s knees locked and slows down the speed. Fighting Charge
Magnet Bomb Bombs Target steel shipments. Steele Charge
Mega Drain Exploitation fills the soul as much as half of the attacks hit. Grass Charge
Lower Sweeper opponent’s knees locked and slows down the speed. Fighting Charge
Megahorn no opponent can not escape from this attack. Today Charge
Metal Claw attack the opponent with steel claws. Steel Charge / Fast
Moonblast month’s attack on the target borrow the great powers. Fairy Charge
Mud Mud Bomb throw the ball. Ground Charge
Mud Shot tosses a drop of mud. Ground Charge / Fast
Mud Mud Slap slap. Ground Fast
Night Slash scratches are likely to hit the target instantly assign critical. Dark Charge
Ominous Wind windy attack exploits the right side of the opponent. Ghost Charge
Charge performs parabolic attack everyone around him. Electric Charge
Peck Horn stabs his opponent. Flying Charge / Fast
Petal High Blizzard damage to everyone around throwing a scream. Grass Charge
Play Rough Rough somehow hurt it while playing with the target. Fairy Charge
Poison Fang snapped his opponent with Toxic poison teeth are likely. Poison Charge
Poison Jab not leave the target is poisoned. Poison Charge / Fast
Poison Sting has a chance to poison the target. Poison Charge
Pound Target beaten with a long tail. Normal Charge / Fast
Power Gem effective light attack happens if a stone has been done. Rock Charge
Power Whip holding the opponent attempts to attack. Grass Charge
Strangely Psybea throws a beam Psychic Charge
Psychic makes a powerful telekinesis attack. Psychic Charge
Psycho Cut Knife attacks are made with telekinesis Critical possibility is easier. Psychic Charge / Fast
Psyshock psychic waves they emit. Psychic Charge
Psystrik Psychic waves they emit. Psychic Charge
Quick Attack is the most simple and fast way attack. Normal Charge / Fast
Razor Leaf leaves a deep gash. Grass Charge / Fast
It moves to relax the rest is sleep. Psychic Charge
Rock Slide Large stones shift. Rock Charge
Rock Smash throws punches. Rock Fast
Rock Thrower threw away a little gem. Rock Charge / Fast
Rock Tomb Rock Rocks Shipping Charge
Opponent throws boiling water to scald. Water Charge
Hard Scratch leaves damage. Normal Charge / Fast
Seed Bomb hard-shelled seeds throws. Grass Charge
Shadow Ball invisible shadow throw the ball. Ghost Charge
Shadow Claw attacks by creating shadows. Critical hit makes it easier. Ghost Charge / Fast
Shadow throws punch behind the punch shadow. Ghost Charge
Shadow Sneaker secretly tries to shoot approaching from behind. Ghost Charge
Signal Beam sends ominous waves. Today Charge
Slam opponent will damage the long tail. Normal Charge
Slash open wounds facilitate the opponent hit critical. Normal Charge
Unsanitary sludge is hurled mud. Poison Charge
Sludge Bomb unhealthy swings mud and exploits. Poison Charge
Sludge Wave unhealthy swings mud. It sends the waveform. Poison Charge
Smog makes attack consisting of gas. Poison Charge
Solar Beam double attack. Grass Charge
Spark Electric to install and attacks. Electric Charge / Fast
Splash hits turning around. Normal Charge / Fast
It sends a wind from Steel Wing Steel. Steel Charge / Fast
Stomp on the competition with the large foot prints. Normal Charge
Stone Edge rival compacts with stones. Rock Charge
Struggle to resist despite strict attacks. Today Charge
Submission of the opponent holds and tried to bury into the soil. Fightning Charge
Sucker Punch This move tries to make the first attack. Rock Charge / Fast
Swift attempts to attack quickly. Rock Charge
Tackle the whole body attacks Normal Charge / Fast
Take Down tries to download the rakb using the entire body weight. Normal Charge
Thunder sends an electric shock wave. Electric Charge
electric charge to accumulate hit in Thunder Punch Punch. Electric Charge / Fast
Thunder Shock with a strong shock wave is aimed at locking the opponents. Electric Charge / Fast
Thunderbolt will create a very strong electric wave. Electric Charge
Twineedl the targets of attack by making two moves. Today Charge
Twist creates a hose. Dragon Charge
Vice Grip wraps the target and attack from all sides. Normal Charge
Vine Flu attacks with Target wraps and vibration waves. Normal Charge / Fast
Water Gun makes a powerful water attack. Water Charge / Fast
Water Pulse target water sprays. Water Charge
Wing Attack waving their large wing hit the opponent. Flying Charge / Fast
Wrap try to make as many moves at once with long your body. Normal Charge
X-Scissor throws target scratches. Today Charge
Zen Headbutt is focuslan the head of the opponent and attacks. Psychic Fast

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