Pokemon GO which will cover countries


Pokémon go from map-based mobile phones is one of the biggest questions attached to it was the reasoning for that game which will cover countries. Many questions coming in “the top 5 most frequently asked question” answer to this question, which will enter into the category is actually very simple.

The aim of the game to make a map of the world Pokemon sources. That’s your Pokémon in all countries within the boundaries you might get comfortable. Even including it in the mid of the ocean. Perhaps that is very difficult to get the rare Pokemon in the middle of a desolate expanse of ocean to visit.

We want to draw attention to the real question to be asked is not what it will be in the country. Which countries will have what Pokemon? For example, you will have to go there when we want to find any trace magmar in another country, perhaps because he will not be able to be designated as a special Pokemon belongs to that country and to capture magmur found in a country.

where the important question of Pokémon which will vary according to which geographic features. Further down the road we will clarify all of these questions.

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