Pokemon new update appeared to GO! 0.29.3 Android, iOS 1.0.3 – Download Pokemon Go!

Pokemon Go play a new update released for Android and iOS versions. So the game’s critical issues (such as the freezing of poketop) Have Solved? Here are the release notes new Pokemon Go …


Recently, one of the most acclaimed mobile game Pokemon Go out for a new update. Game developer company released an update to Android version Niantic was upgraded to version 0.29.3 iOS 1.0.3.

Although Pokemon Go Krit’s problem in the game is very popular though, and that challenges players angry. There are currently two of the most critical issues unresolved expected Pokemon Fitting the ball to poke capturing and freezing of one and the other is what to show how close it is true that the Pokemon. This problem is magnified by the so-called three-step error it seems so far away pokemon. It hoped at least one of these problems will be resolved with the latest update, but Android and it’s a single phrase in the patch notes for iOS …

Pokemon Go With New Version Notes: small text editors;


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