Only a few of the places where we Pokestop also adds fun game. You historical sites in close proximity, public spaces created by larger community even if we are going to talk to Turkey Mosque in pokéstop.

If you look at the blue on your map where you can find these places and these places are important for playing the game. When you approach the blue icon and changing the way that a picture when you press the icon turns out a ring and giving you special items.

pokeball poke egg and give you a lot of items that may occur. Click on the bubbles and get your items.!

When you collect items from Pokestop it will turn to purple and blue will not receive new items until you are again only for it will have to go to different poksetop pokestop near you.
5 most pokestop until the level 3 will give you many things in the mirror. 5 After the Level 6 to revive the items and potions up to poketop be able to get a variety of items.

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